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Friday, 3 April 2009
Title Sequence and Evaluation

Media Evaluation

Whilst creating my media piece I had to do additional research. This meant referring to other media resources, like magazines and books, to find inspiration and ideas to start planning and finally creating my title sequence opening. I looked at things like cinematography and mise-en-scene. My media product does follow a sense of social-realism genre and realistic values from real life. (e.g. child abuse) Most of our props are relating to child abuse adverts and campaigns with our use of a teddy bear and a diary with sympathetic messages that only gets shown to the audience. We wanted our audience to be moved by our film and to feel sorry for our character, but shocking and sinister at the same time, especially towards the ending of our film. The NSPCC is aimed to help children. They have been successful with their adverts and articles since they are able to touch the audience to an emotional point to help them, they do this with images and words of text. My group and I wanted to do similar techniques to capture the audience’s emotions.

My media piece represents the social realism genre. It follows neglect and abuse of children who are helpless to fight back and have no one to turn to for help. Our sequence also represents children who are experiencing child abuse in our society today. It gives the audience an insight of the damage and affects this sort of abuse can cause. We used a soft, young character for our sequence, someone who showed passion and emotions through the camera. Ellie Breeze looked so natural in front of the camera and made the whole production work smoothly. Although we want to help child abuse problems, we don’t want to cause confusion of other children following our characters footsteps in our title sequence. Since we only want to show the most dramatic bits and what child abuse is like not how you would normally solve it.

It was difficult to work out our target audience or whom our title sequence would appeal to. I think it has a large based audience around the age of twenty and older but mostly aiming towards single parents, parents who are abusing and need to think about their actions. Also emotional females who can be easily influenced to go and watch our title sequence or donate money to decrease the issue of child abuse and

prevent these events from happening in society.

I have learnt a few technologies doing this media product. It was like starting from scratch because I had no idea how to use anything, e.g Blog, iMovie and so on. I am not to sure about the filming but I can say that editing was a serious hard thing to do since Me and my group did lose our work twice in the past, this as resulted of us losing our Continuity piece. So i have definitely learnt to keep an extra copy of our work for safe keeping. I had no experience in using any of the iMac programmes so i am pleased to have learnt a few tricks on them. Another thing is that different camera shots can result in making things look more presentable and professional. One more thing I have learnt is compressing and uploading videos without any help I had to sit down and figure it out by myself but i do see a good side to this because having more Independence helps to complete things better and makes yourself more proud as a person.

Looking back into the task our main accomplishment was to create a Title sequence on child abuse. We chose this beacuse of Baby P a child abuse story that was in the news. So as a group we were touched by this child abuse story it was not a popular genre and we also wanted a challenge. i have learnt technical sides to things and how important it is to work as a group and interact with each other. Otherwise the Film production would be a disaster and the chemistry would show in our final outcome.

Our finished Title Sequence

Produced by: Josie Breeze, Becky O'Keefe And Kemeisha Roye

Starring: Ellie Breeze

This is our finished and completed Title Sequence. I am very pleased with the way it has turned out and I am surprised it turned out so great. The main story behind it is Child abuse. The sequence shows our character going through one of her normal days in life, but this time the outcome is a little different. The character expresses loneliness and depression. We wanted the audience to be moved by our Title Sequence, to touch them emotionally as much as possible. The only problem we struggled with was some background sound that we couldn't remove but with more practice next time we will perfect this solution. Uploading was extremely difficult it took around four hours. I started off using You Tube but that took long so I switched to the blogger upload. In the beginning the music is delayed and does not start in time. This was because when we retrieved the file from the school Apple Mac and transferred it from iMovie into Quick time player, the edited music file was replaced with the original copy. In summary my group and I are really proud of our final outcome, we worked extremely hard as a team to complete this Title sequence.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009
Different Music Ideas...hmm

As I mentioned before we had a group discussion where we watched each others Title sequences and everyones work is looking really good. I noticed mistakes in my one and I kept tensing every time I saw one. The conclusion came about the music and how it sounded most people in my group described it "like something from the chipmunks" because the voice was squeaky but i thought it reminded me of a child singing but people suggested that we try out different types of music to see if it makes an impact on our title sequence. At them meantime the music moves the audience and makes the genre of the film pretty clear that its about child abuse if you listen to the lyrics carefully. Not sure if we can find a similar song to match it but its worth a try.
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Final bits and pieces
So today I had some free time to get some Media work done. So I thought I would do some last minute editing on our Title sequence piece to make it closer to finish. We learned from a Crit a while ago with my media that the editing was a bit shaky and jumpy in places. So I thought I would sort that out today since it did bug me too when I watched it myself and I saw a few mistakes in my one that had to be corrected. Also we were given opinions on changing the name at the end of our title sequence to match the song title, to see if it would look different or better, which I do agree on. I changed it but depends on what the other members of my group think of it. There was bits of the old sound that kept interfering with the song and you could hear the sound of a car driving past half way through, I couldn't fix this problem since I really didn't know how to and I didn't want to mess up the sync of the film. I also changed a few clips well not change it add affects to it because they were so short they weren't seen long enough on the screen and it was important that the audience saw it, So i slowed down the speed on a couple of clips so it was a bit clearer, and it looked much better, Before it looked like quick flashes of images that looked like the editing was bad when it wasn't, it was the clips that were very short and they weren't shown on the screen for very long. Apart from all that it's looking OK for the moment once the sound problem is fixed then it will be complete.
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Friday, 13 February 2009
What type of audience would my film apeal to?
Our Title sequence is aimed at more older generation than youngsters. It would connect better to adults and seniors who have children and want to protect them through life. So it would create a thought of sympathy to run through their minds when watching our film. It could also help anyone who is being abused or an abuser, our title sequence can help them to stop and look at the affects that they are causing to someone and bringing them to take their own life.
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The importance of tiltle sequences
Title sequences is the method by which films or television shows present their title and key cast and production members using conceptual visuals and sound. Title sequences are important because they have to keep the audience interested and hooked about the film, it should make them want to see the whole production. This would make a better income for a film company. Title sequences must be powerful to make the audience spend their money to watch it further.
They are supposed to win the audience's attention, by capturing their eyes with interesting images and text and making it look professional, with great first impressions. It should tell part of the story also give the audience an insight of the film about whats going to come later on. A bad title sequence will leave the audience disapointed right from the beginning and will not engage them to watch further.
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So our media deadline is today and I haven't uploaded our films to our blog we have created. All the Macs are booked up and so there is no hope at the moment of changing anything, so we have no evidence of our work on our blog, which looks bad because we have completed most of the tasks. The music hasn't turned up and now were stuck, we have added names and directors to it, I also blocked out all the other background sound thinking we would have music by yesterday or today.
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Sunday, 8 February 2009
Our Title sequence is almost finished. Our continuity piece is complete but we cant seem to find it on any of the computers so we believe its been lost. Another problem is that there are a few things but we are having a few problems with, uploading it. But we still have not got any music produced on it yet which was supposed to be done two weeks ago, we thought that the song we was going to use might be copy-right. Also we couldn't get final-cut pro to work and we have had a few problems with it for over the last two weeks. Not sure about what we are going to do since the deadline is soon which is pretty bad and most things are not complete. But everything will be uploaded very shortly i hope.

But we have noticed that our title sequence doesn't have enough dept to it or anything that insights the violence from child abuse. it just sort of drag on abit. We were going to film something like a door slamming or film someone punching a wall. But we did not have enough time to do this and edit it plus with the programmes we needed were not working on our machine. But we have added a sound clip of walking footsteps for the time being for when the character is at home, so u can sense that someone is coming but you can't actually see them on the shot.
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